Grenadier Goblin War Giant

I always wanted this model, but as a poor kid, I just couldn’t afford the cash for the 5 pounds of lead.  It is perhaps the heaviest model I’ve ever put together.  I purchased this about a year ago and I’ve been working on it ever since.  I finished it over the summer and just now got around to photographing it.  Produced by Grenadier Miniatures in the 1980’s and sculpted by Nick Lund, it’s now manufactured by Mirliton.  This is an original casting and it’s heavy.  There are a couple of goblins missing, but otherwise it’s pretty intact.

Grenadier Miniatures - Goblin War Giant

Grenadier Miniatures - Goblin War GiantGrenadier Miniatures - Goblin War Giant

Grenadier Miniatures - Goblin War Giant (back view)

Grenadier Miniatures - Goblin War Giant (back view)


3 responses to “Grenadier Goblin War Giant

  1. I still have mine sitting around unpainted. I’ve had it 20 years now. Good job on your’s.

  2. Looks great.

    I have one too. I got it when I was still in high school, working as a page at the library. I put it together and painted and painted. We went to a con at the local college (back in the day when it seems like most colleges had cons!) and I entered it in the painting competition. Honestly it is not one of my best jobs even for the time, but it is one hell of a figure. I won for “fantasy diorama” and the guy gave me a certificate and said he’d better never see that model again… I take it the same figure had been entered the year before? It was only a out for a year or so when I got it. Anyway the point of the story is that one of my friends at the con wanted a closer look at it so he grabbed the damn thing by the torso, popping off half a dozen of the little goblins. I wanted to kill him. I still haven’t put all the goblins back on, some 21 years later.

  3. Oh, meant to add, I actually finished painting and assembling it at the con. Some dude watched me working on it for a while and asked if it was the giant from Time Bandits.

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