Games Workshop – The Mumak of Harad

Here’s my Mumak.  I was home sick when I painted it.  I think I spent more time on the base than I did painting the rest of the piece.  I decided to do a quick paint job on it.  I think it took me less than two weeks to assemble and paint it, while working in the evenings, plus a few longer sessions as I was on sick leave.   This model has so much potential with details and conversion that you really need to put some boundaries on how much you are going to add.  I was most nervous about the tusks, as I think it’s the main draw of the piece, but I was pleased with my simple blending.  I based the tusks in a tan undercoat and then used various shades of very wet paint to do the blending (nearly a wash it was so wet).  The effect is a bit washed (pardon the pun) in the photos but it looks good in person.  This is also my first experimentation with a light box.  With about 10 minutes playing around with it, I think I can make some really nice pictures if I get Photoshop and I play around with the white balance on the camera.

Games Workshop - Mumak of Harad

Games Workshop - Mumak of Harad

Games Workshop - Mumak of Harad


Games Workshop - Mumak of Harad


2 responses to “Games Workshop – The Mumak of Harad

  1. it looks nice to me :0

  2. Beautiful work. I like the blending of the colours on the tusks.
    I read somewhere that Alessio and the other brains behind the rules are immortalized as casualties on the base. They were also in the film picking around the dead Mumak when Pippin finds Merry.

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