Bring on the Mahud

How can you not like natives on camels?  They might not be accurate to Tolkien’s books, but in my view, the Harad are a lot of fun.  I painted them up with red clothing similar to the Lord of the Rings movies, but gave them paler skin tones.  I think they look a bit silly (and more fun) with the paler skin.  The photos washed out a lot of the detail in the light colors.  I need to do some light and camera balancing to ensure that the details are retained in the photos.  The half-trolls are very small, being not much bigger than a 28mm human.  In order to retain the appearance of craggy skin, I painted a lot of the folds in light gray.  I’m pleased with the effect, so I added a rear shot.  In the interim, here’s my current shots:

Mahud Raiders

Mahud King and Warriors

Mahud with Blowpipes



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