Grenadier Miniatures –

Here’s my oldest Grenadier Miniatures, as far as I know.  I don’t have a lot of information on this piece.  The guy I bought this from said his friend bought it from the first GenCon that Grenadier attended.  It came in a plain brown box marked tamales with a two Xerox copies taped to the box, one of which is in the photo below.  The other is tattered to shreds.  I have the Griffon appearing in the photo.  It’s huge and very heavy.  The stuffing in the box consists of the little blue cut outs that look to be from those early Grenadier boxed sets.  I’m not sure if they’re original from the box, but as they’re disintegrating and might compromise the miniature, I’ll be tossing them shortly.  If you have any info on this or know if it was published in a catalog or magazine, please let me know.


Grenadier Miniatures - Griffon

Grenadier Miniatures - Griffon


2 responses to “Grenadier Miniatures –

  1. I remember getting boxes of miniatures from Grenadier around 1979, and they would use that blue cut-up foam to pack their stuff.

    But, the figure doesn’t look familiar to me.
    Sean in California

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