My Miniatures Database

I’m cleaning out my collection.  Well, really I’m cleaning out the closet.  Alright.  I’m cleaning out several closets and I’m getting rid of some duplicates in my collection and packing up everything properly instead of all over the place.  I’m also looking out for lead rot.  I’ve already found a few suspect pieces and have decided that sealing with a primer is the best way to go.  But that, is another story.  During this project I will also be taking an inventory of my collection.  Well, we’ll see how long I stick with it, anyway.

Here is a screen shot of the database I’ve created to document the collection.  I’m using Filemaker’s Bento 2 for my Mac.  So far it’s been really easy to use and I’m pleased with it.  I’d be happy to share my form if you would like.  Or if you have any comments on things I should add, I’d love to hear them too.

Miniatures Database using Bento 2


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