John Jenkins’ Terracotta Warriors

I’ve never seen the movie Mummy 3, but I know that the hero of the story battles Chinese terracotta warriors from the Qin dynasty.  Many wargamers ask for good representations of these warriors for a game.  I suppose you could use Qin warriors painted brown, but John Jenkins Designs used to produce animated versions of these clay warriors in 28mm.  They were called Terrorcotta Zombies, or something similar.  I have a small unit that I painted a year or two ago.  They are now out of production, but I wonder if he would spin a large batch of them out of it was a big quantity.  A picture of mine are below.  They were a quick drybrush and fun to paint.

John Jenkins' Terrorcotta Warriors


One response to “John Jenkins’ Terracotta Warriors

  1. Wow, those are pretty cool. I love imaginative fantasy units (rather than the same old elves, dwarves, orcs …).

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