East German – Training Assault Rifle

While travelling in what was once East Berlin, I found an antique shop selling what appeared to be a toy assault rifle.  I picked it up and it was too heavy to use as a toy.  The owner explained that the rifle was used in the early training of East German soldiers as they could not afford to use real rifles.  The body of the rifle is made of unfinished wood and has a separate painted wooden cartridge.  The barrel is made out of solid metal pipe which adds the weight.  On the end is a removable piece that contains the solid tip of the barrel which contains a spring.  You can press the tip of the gun in a few inches and it springs back.  There is no trigger.  I understand it to be based on a Kalashnikov design.  An artist friend who lived in East Germany confirmed his understanding of the gun as well.  The gun is being shipped to me and won’t have the original on hand for several months.  I’m interested in any additional information on the gun.

East German Training Rifle

East German Training Rifle

East German Training Rifle


One response to “East German – Training Assault Rifle

  1. shetalkslikejune

    I dont have much info on the gun, but I guess, a gun without a trigger is what finally lost them the wars 🙂

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