Perry Miniatures – Samurai

Here are a few quick and dirty pictures of my Sengoku Jidai Japanese in the display case.  The miniatures are all by Perry Miniatures.  In my view, they are the best 28mm samurai ever sculpted.  There are more detailed sculpts out there, and some of the castings have problems (for example not fully cast armor), but the overall appearance looks very realistic.   I have several resin buildings by John Jenkins Designs supplemented with some other materials as well.   They’re in storage at the moment, but hopefully I can get some pictures up of those.

The photos are pretty washed out.  You can’t even see the detail I painted onto the silks and the drybrushing is glaringly more obvious than it appears in real life.  In any event, here they are.  I’ll hopefully be doubling the size of this force before Historicon and the goal is to have a game set up by Historicon 2010 (i.e. Baltimore).  We’ll see if I can get that many painted before then.

Perry MiniaturesPerry MiniaturesPerry MiniaturesPerry MiniaturesPerry MiniaturesPerry Miniatures


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