The Workbench

In my house, I have a dedicated painting table in the TV room.  Well, it’s not really a table and I often have to move it.  Comprised of 2 cheap Ikea metal rolling cabinets with several drawers and a 1950’s vintage medical floor lamp with a magnifying glass, it’s more of a painting corner.  I love it.  It’s my first dedicated painting area.  The fact that I have so little room requires me to push a lot of stuff into a small amount of space.   Therefore it has to be efficient in design.  The three top drawers on the left are full of paints, on the right are my basing supplies and tools.  The bottom drawers contain unpainted miniatures and bits.  What I particularly like about these Ikea cabinets is that they hold a Plano plastic box perfectly.  I pick these up at Home Depot for about $5 and they have several compartments.  Each drawer can hold 2 Plano boxes.  I usually paint on the red cabinet and have the working pieces sit on the green.  I’m finishing up a unit of Empress British at the moment. You can see I have a couple Ikea CD cabinets behind me that hold painted miniatures.  The whole set-up would cost about $400, but I only bought the red cabinet new.  The other pieces were repurposed or inherited.

I usually “watch” TV while I paint (read: listen) and my trusty dog is usually chewing something at my side.  Often, the wife is knitting or sewing in the same room.  Life is good when I’m painting.



3 responses to “The Workbench

  1. nice work space, and great utlization of your limited space.

    Are the IKEA drawers steel, and do they pull out? If yes, they may be perfect for holding magnetic based figures…

    • Yes, the drawers are made of steel. I actually have some magnets attached to them in some places. They also pull out cleanly. They would be fine for storage with magnetic bases. Or, you could put magnetic sheets inside them.

  2. excellent news! I may have to aquire some when my modeling room’s final layout is determined.

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