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New Winter Terrain

I had a visit to Michael’s craft store to scout out for some sale items for winter terrain and had a good day.  All of the Christmas Village items were 60% off and we had a coupon for an additional 15% off.  I picked up 2 stream sets ($12 each), 4 sets of bare sycamore trees ($3.40 each) and 3 bags of pine trees (only 1 shown open – $5.75 each which comes out to about $.25 a tree).  I thought the sycamore trees might be a waste as I was going to build my own, but my wife pointed out that these aren’t made of natural materials and won’t disintegrate.  I’m sure you can pick up cheaper items, or even buy these cheaper after Christmas at Michael’s, but we cleaned out all the local store had left.  Total for these items (plus 46 more trees that are not shown) was less than $50.

The terrain is for the Roger’s Rangers Battle on Snowshoes miniatures I am producing for Cavalcade Wargames.  I plan on producing a roughly 1:1 skirmish game for the battle.   The only large item I need now is a winter mat.  I think I’m going to make my own out of a vinyl tablecloth, spray paint and fine glitter.  I might also add some dead trees and snow covered shrubbery.

On a separate note, I also bought 2 each of their brick and water mats (roughly 18″ by 36″, if I recall) at $5.75 each.  The water is planned for a naval game for the Wako Pirates miniatures I’m producing for Cavalcade.