Cavalcade Wargames Officially Launches

Cavalcade Samurai Orcs

Cavalcade Samurai Orcs

Cavalcade Samurai Goblin Wolfriders

Cavalcade Samurai Goblin Wolfriders

It’s officially day 5 of the launch of Cavalcade Wargames and only now am I making an announcement on my blog!  So, we’ve made our first sales, we’ve had some positive feedback, and we’re very excited for the things to come.  While this will still be my personal blog, I’ll be posting Cavalcade-specific news items on the Cavalcade website at

We’ve officially opened business with Bob Olley’s Samurai Orcs and Goblin Wolfriders.  Here’s a few shots of what’s currently on offer.


Grenadier Miniatures Boxed Sets

Here’s some photos of some old Grenadier boxed sets I’m offloading, back from the early to mid-1980’s.

Shops – Hanoi, Vietnam – Thai Duong Fine Art

While on vacation, I ran across this shop in the Hoan Kiem section of Hanoi, Vietnam.  The girl behind the counter was bored and playing video games, but she did let me take some photographs.  The ships are (seemingly) made of all natural materials and range in size from the small to the very large.  In fact, you can see me standing next to the biggest one in the store (very sweaty from the midday August heat and humidity of southeast Asia).  The Store is called My Nghe Lu’u Niem Thai Duong (or Thai Duong Fine Art in English).  There are some details which are not so accurate, such as the backwards flags and things, and I am sure there are more detailed and exacting shipbuilders out there, but these are pretty detailed and fun nonetheless.  I didn’t enquire about prices.   Thai Duong does maintain a website at  The address is 22 Ly Quoc Su Street, Hang Trong Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi, Vietnam.

Thai Duong - HanoiThai Duong - HanoiThai Duong - HanoiThai Duong - HanoiThai Duong - HanoiThai Duong - HanoiThai Duong - HanoiThai Duong - HanoiThai Duong - Hanoi

Angkor Wat

I recently returned from a vacation in Cambodia and we visited Angkor Wat, the largest religious building in the world.  On the sides of the building are bas reliefs featuring many Hindu epochs, but it also features a military procession of Suryavarman II, king of the Khmer Empire.  Here are some photos I took while at Angkor Wat.  I hope to have the pics of the military procession as well as from some of the other temples in the complex up shortly.  Angkor Wat - SunriseAngkor Wat - Third LevelAngkor Wat - August 2009Angkor Wat - From the Second LevelAngkor Wat - Devatas

Sash and Saber – Native Americans

A shot of Sash and Saber’s 40mm French and Indian War Native Americans ready for battle.

Sash and Saber - French and Indian War

Minifigs – Sharadan Lords of Darkness

These are some new castings of Minifigs’ Sharadan Lords of Darkness from the Aureola Rococo line originally produced in the 1970’s.  I think they hold up pretty well considering.  I painted these in a quick and dirty manner with lots of washes so they would, in fact, look dark.  They are photographed outside in natural light with a flash.  To me, they look like they could come out of a Frank Frazetta comic book.  GFI Miniatures has remolded some of these golden oldies and a small selection are available for purchase.

Minifigs - Sharadan Lords of Darkness

Normans in Natural Light

It’s 1066.  The Norman army did not fight under fluorescent light bulbs.  So, they finally came out under the sun.  My Memorial Day weekend project was to put the final touches on the flag poles and movement trays and photograph the Normans in natural light.  Living in a city apartment, I don’t often get the chance to haul my stuff outside for a photo shoot.  In this case, I hauled everything out to my in-laws in the suburbs where I have a second painting area where I can truly stretch out.   This is my first experimentation with photographing miniatures in natural light.  You can tell the difference.  The day was still a bit cloudy.  I also found that using additional light in the form of a bulb or flash also helped significantly.  Unfortunately, these photos were taken without any additional light.  No other special settings were made on the camera.

These were a quick and dirty paint job.  I explained it in an earlier post.  See  Basically, I blockpainted them with Citadel Foundation and metallic paints and then washed them with Citadel’s Devlan Mud or Black wash.  There are no highlights anywhere, except on the horses.  I averaged about 1 unit a weekend.  The bases are made with craft paints and GF9’s static grass.

Crusader Miniatures - Normans!Crusader Miniatures - Normans!Crusader Miniatures - Normans!Crusader Miniatures - Normans!Crusader Miniatures - Normans!Crusader Miniatures - Normans!Crusader Miniatures - Normans!Crusader Miniatures - Normans!Crusader Miniatures - Normans!Crusader Miniatures - Normans!